Stable and stable popular lavender scent

Lavender which is a synonymous existence of herbs in Japan
Origin of this name comes from Latin in 'Lavendula (washi)'
What ancient Romans used when bathing
It is said that it is derived from it

This lavender is said to be "the smelling queen"
It is said that it is a fragrance excellent in relaxing effect

Essential oil culture has not penetrated Japanese lavender only in Japan
Drama, movie commercials etc. with background became famous
Furano, which is often used as a location location, is affected
Along with Furano becoming famous for drama etc. Lavender field became famous as this summer sightseeing spot in Furano
It is also said that things are affecting it

Imagine the relaxing effect brought by the scent of lavender
It is LAVENDER that reproduced the scent more faithfully