A scent of ornate jasmine based on white musk

Johns blend "White musk" which is overwhelmingly popular due to its unique incense.
Fruity sweetness and refreshing do not allow other followers.

And popular among women as a scent "Jasmine's scent".
The nickname "Jasmine" is a Persian word "yasmin" (Yasmin) meaning "gift from God" It seems that it was considered as a special existence for a long time.

Especially the fragrance of Jasmine is wonderful with its natural and gentle atmosphere.
The fragrance of Jasmine is also often used as a symbol of love and sex, and in the old days Cleopatra is the general of the enemy Roman Empire There is anecdotal that it has played a part in astronomy as an aphrodisiac.

Based on the white musk boasting of overwhelming popularity ~ Popular among women ~ Gifts from God ~ "Jasmine's fragrance" It was formulated, more fresh and more gorgeous.

It is the smell of boast that you want to add to your favorite.