The smell of red wine feels sweetness like reasonable astringent and berry

A fragrance of wine to be variously described.
For white wines that mainly produce black grapes or red grapes and issue fruit juice,
Red wine is born by making alcohol fermentation with skin.
It is also possible to obtain deep red color and distinctive astringent by fermenting with lees.

Wine is one of the oldest liquor of history and brewing in the Neolithic era
It is said that it has begun, it is said that there are various opinions, but various historical monuments,
From the literature etc. in Georgia from 7000 to 5000 years ago
It is said to be one of the cradle brewed and brewed.

Currently, various kinds of wines are produced in various countries and regions, but
John's blend ~ The fragrance of red wine ~ is like the moment of pulling out the cork of red wine,
Fruity sweet feeling berries and like aged wine,
I smell exquisitely the fragrance with astringent spirit born from tannin.
You can feel the grace of adult fruit from scents, not just fresh.