Refreshing and faintly sweet soap type scent

Originally MUSK is from Muska (Muska) living in Himalayas etc.
It is sampled with a small amount of perfume collected
Jelly-like semi liquid is musk (musk) or MUSK

Natural MUSK can not be imported (Washington Convention) Expensive
Various factors such as quality problems overlap and can not be obtained first
It is said that

Although it is a natural musk which is difficult to obtain, A fragrance with a faint sweetness that feels a refreshing refreshing sensation and the warmth of the skin
Because it is a very popular and excellent remnant scent
Synthetic musk development is said to have progressed
And the generic name of this synthetic musk is called WHITE MUSK
Although it is not natural
It is often adopted as a synthetic fragrance

Fruity sweetness and refreshingness on this base WHITE MUSK
It is this WHITE MUSK that made it stand out